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29 December, 2009

21 December, 2009

Oliver Peoples - Resort/Spring 2010

I suppose this popped up all over months ago. But here they are! Elijah Wood and Shirley Manson for Oliver Peoples.

17 December, 2009

Dior Sale

Self explanatory, enjoy!

MCM - comeback kid?

D'you know, in the 90's my mom owned 3 pairs of Mode Creation Munich jeans, various belts and some sort of white bag? The "MCM" emblem atop the wings were totally rock and my mom screamed I-am-a-housewife-and-I-am-dropping-off-my-child-at-piano-lesson-before-I-jet-off-to-tea. I suppose they're making a comeback? Check out these hollaback tambourines! Yes!
Don't you think Cindy Crawford should return for the campaign?

Madonna in S/S 2010 Dolce & Gabbana

Vanity Fair Italia Dec '09.
So campy glam, so predictable!

16 December, 2009

Giorgio Armani Crystal Collection

Giorgio Armani's new Crystal Collection is so glam...

and so BORING!

14 December, 2009

Chelsea Rebelle

D'you know of Chelsea Rebelle? Geddit? 'Chelsea girl, who's a Rebel' (=

Sarah Brannon's collection is absolutely gorgeous! A bit of pop but totally sophisticated. Enjoy.

Bunny and Spy // Gringo please!

Gringo : Can you take her to the bathroom?
Bunny : Ok, I'll hold her hair.
Bunny : Hey man, she asked me to leave.
Gringo : ?
Bunny : Well, I left also because she dunked her head right into the bowl of faeces.
Gring : Ok.

Sex and the City 2 - poster

Even though I'm secretly excited about it, the poster looks a little cheap. =/ boo.
Sex and the City 2 drops May, 2010.

11 December, 2009

10 December, 2009



Woke up this morning at eight.
Steady mind, clear as the mirrored lake,
I am rich in health, though not without chains.
Today, today! I am blessed to be awake.

Surely my poise and stance, create quite a sight,
Especially so, when I keep it from morning to five past midnight.
Traffic and skyscrapers, computers, decorum and blazers.

Wake up every morning at seven forty-seven.
Cluttered mind in my sleep I wake
- dreams of my past life, to what I had accomplished this time;
Tomorrow and next year, I fear with passion and need them to stay.

Tonight I will shake,
The worry of not seeing today and yesterday.
My sake.

27 November, 2009

i-D magazine like idk, wtf

Very often, I find myself saying, "D'you know I can do that? " or "Pfff, that's lame, I am better". Well, f**k me with something hard and sandpapery because I ain't got NOTHING on these ladies. Hats off.
Claudia Schiffer THIRTY-NINE
Helena Christensen FORTY
Eva Herzigova THIRTY-SIX

18 November, 2009

Bunny and Spy // X Games

Bunny : So, discover any new places to kick back?
Gringo : No, but I found out about
DJ Hero.
Bunny : ?
Gringo : DJ Hero, like Guitar Hero, but DJ Hero.

17 November, 2009

November = look at beautiful people month

Georgia Jagger and photorealist, Richard Phillips' work. Similar much?

NOVEMBER aka uninspiring month - therefore... Jhanelle Johnson-Castillo

Behold, boy that I went to school with at the University of San Diego. How delish is he, ethnically ambiguous and brooding, YES!? JHANELLE JOHNSON-CASTILLO. He represented Cali for Mr. Cosmo.

12 November, 2009

Celine Resort 2010

Phoebe Philo. The talented gal who helmed Chloe for a bit. Rumour has it (for me anyway), that because her wish to have the headquarters be in London, A, and B, her collection was not as hit-o commercially as Chloe would've liked, she therefore turned in her resignation.

Now, I present to you Phoebe Philo for Celine.

Gave myself a little chortle because you can't take the Phoebe out of Chloe or Phoebe out of Celine! Miz Philo's stuff is really distinct and I am sure she will come up with her own atelier soon.

10 November, 2009

Genius! Lady Gaga Cha Cha

D'you know how clever this is? I am going to...
tweak my face or lose weight; decide to go incognito; to menstruate or have bbq sauce all over, but secretly because half the time, you don't know who I am! Yes!

Bunny and Spy // Mimi Bobeck

Bunny : I see your left boob!

Spy : I hate the bear.

Too Much

Money, clothes, boys,
Food and jewellery
None of which breathes logic, all of them cruel.

Come and go as you please, I say
Secretly, bleeding for more
I will have another serving, I say
Long gone, worn, married or old.

'Be happy with what you have', Right
Your eyes tell lies
And the lyrics, blind.

Pride, greed, lust,
Chemical imbalances and such
Panic at the break of dawn, and slumber while the city trolls.

Fred Lebain - A Spring in New York

06 November, 2009

Beyonce @ MTV Europe Music Awards 2009

It's nice, Atelier Versace sweetly wrapped around her curves, but I'm getting tired of THIS :



I see it's her thang to have bold metallics, body-con stuff. Seriously though, she looks like she's trying to reign by combining Lady Gaga and Rhianna. It's all peaceful and good because she's in show business - until you realise it's the same drone over and over and over and over... just like how even though she's not part of Destiny's Child anymore, she still has 2 girls accompanying her dance routines...