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24 February, 2010

Emilio Pucci Fall 2009

D'you know of people that make you go completely bananas because they've got this wonderful frock but just can't seem to quite work it?

Well, I feel that way about Kristen Stewart. She looks so uncomfortable. Who's wearing who?
And what could have been...

19 February, 2010

Heatherette Spring 2010

Richie Rich sees himself exponentially expressed in Pamela Anderson.
Pamela Anderson sees herself creatively represented by Richie Rich.

Disturbing, but that's entertainment!

18 February, 2010

Bunny Hop // Tiger, that you?

Who you calling foofy?
Chater House
Central, HK

Bunny Hop // Tung Chung

MTR to Tung Chung
16th Feb 2010
-ready to face the world-

09 February, 2010

Louis Vuitton trash bag I mean "Raindrop Besace"

This is offending my eyes. Couldn't have gone with a different colour? Blaggggg! Can't even begin to IMAGINE who'd flaunt this (watch, some starlet is toting it around right now...) ghastly creation!

Really, it's like what I do with my leftover food. On weekends, I'll clear out my fridge and kind of put everything into a pot and make soup with vegetable stock. Except, it doesn't antagonise as this bag does. Makes my blood boil.
It's like listening to Michael Jackson's awesome anthems but forced to look at his face with a microscope; it's like working at an investment bank but with goons who barely got a degree; it's like looking forward to spicy food but all you got was a lame ketchup based mess.
No need to know where to buy it! Just know that Marc Jacobs is responsible for burnt retinas right now!

Muscles 2010 Tour Dates Down Under

Seeing my lover in Canberra. Be there or be square.

05 February, 2010

04 February, 2010

Random Art Workshop 2010

M: +852 9248 9986
O: +852 2811 1845
Unit 1203, 12/F, Island Beverley1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay

02 February, 2010