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29 September, 2009

Gianmarco Lorenzi

D'you know I've been looking for a pair of boots that are loud (obnoxious?) but can proudly endure the mercurial fashion trends? Someone oxygenate me because...

AHHHHH! Here they are! GIANMARCO LORENZI! The caps represent my soul shouting in exhiliration and celebrating life outside of Giuseppes and Louboutins. Yo quiero!

28 September, 2009

Get a Gripp!

What is more exciting than being happy? DISCOVERY!

Was chatting with some mates and a dude actually casually threw in the word Gripp, I was like Gripp what? Gripp who? Omgah GRIPP the Great ok? I cannot believe how sleek and friendly these threads are!

Just a quick glance and I'm absolutely convinced that these clothes are made for PEOPLE. Not made-for-models, not made-for-rich-missus, not made-for-yuppies, made for YOU, made for PEOPLE. I can see these beauties wrapped around all shapes and sizes as long as you wish to do so.

A little toast to myself for finding something this rad.

b Magazine- Issue #1

There's the W the V the i-D and now here's the b!

Business of Design Week 30/11 - 5/12

27 September, 2009

Richard Chai Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Oooh didn't think I'd like something Urban Outfitters-ish appearing on the runway!

May I add, that Richard is surprisingly easy on the eyes as well?

Giorgio Armani Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2010 at Milan Fashion Week

I am repeating myself here... Ah... so perhaps this collection can best be described as oh-so-of-the-moment blazer and flapper dapper pants combo, throw in something Chloe inspired and of course, tafetta dresses with some "hardware", and a dress that is just quite tacky and unthoughtful, boo.
- fresh, but not what I'm looking for from Armani.

Giorgio Armani Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2010 at Milan Fashion Week (19 of 52)

Giorgio Armani Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2010 at Milan Fashion Week (19 of 52)
Cool beans, apparently I can right click-on the pic and blog right away! Wah!

Ok Giorgio, I see what you're trying to do here, infuse a bit of everything that's in, minimalise the lines and the Ra! and then bam it's your own. Smart move. I'm drolling over this top, could have fooled me! Thought I was looking at Chloe or Lanvin at first.

25 September, 2009


Thanks! I have great ideas for drapes, bed skirts and lamp shades now!

23 September, 2009

Bottega Veneta NYCabat bag

I'm not even going to be nice and let you know where to buy it because no, don't buy it. There is no reason to buy something that you can get at a night market or a roadside vendor. You know, those vendors that sell stuff on a cart and have a huge piece of canvas to cover their goods and "tuk tuk tuk" away when the cops come?

This bag really looks like Jose peeled off the skin of a pineapple and said jokingly, "Eh gringo, this look nice if make a bolsa, no?" And El Gringo nodded in enthusiasm and designed it and sold it for one million dollars.

What is wrong with you Bottega design team? I mean just coz you make it shiny doesn't make it any less ugly you know? It's like what I do with my zit, just because I put some more cover-up doesn't mean it's gnarly ass isn't there anymore.

22 September, 2009

TRINITY - Taste of India

Good! Another Indian provision store in Hong Kongfor me to source ingredients. D'you know Turmeric Powder is translated as Ginger Yellow Powder in Chinese?

19 September, 2009

Hana Mayeda looks like Charlotte Carey and Charlotte Carey looks like Hana Mayeda

FYI - Hana Mayeda (above) attended University of San Diego (Go Toreros!) for a short stint.

Charlotte Carey

17 September, 2009

Lindsay Lohan aka Artistic Adviser for Ungaro

D'you know, I was secretly praying for something juicy like this to be announced via Ungaro for MONTHS? HOLY GUACAMOLE! Disclaimer : Lindsay Lohan is my secret guilty pleasure...

Long story short, LiLo has been put on board as artistic adviser. Esteban Cortazar, designer for the fashion house threw in the towel, flipped a bird, yelled at random homeless people and left. No, I made that up, but you get the idea.

Kudos for being plucky eh Esteban? You stand for what you believe in, don't stick around people who push you around and is protective of your craft. You also seem petty, un-business savvy and c'mon, you cannot fight crazy with crazy, ya?

Lindsay Lohan, DON'T FUCK IT UP!

Charlotte Carey for Rock & Republic

Behold Charlotte Carey (Photogenic LA). 16, half Indonesian, half English. ALL BRIGHT LIGHTS AND OPEN AVENUES FOR YOU GIRL!

Pecha Kucha @ Prive 24/9/2009

DATE 日期September 24, 2009 (Thursday)2009年9月24日 (星期四)

TIME 時間8pm - 10:30pm (doors open at 7:30pm)晚上8時至10時30分 (7時30分開始入場)

VENUE 地點Privé (60 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong)Privé (香港中環雲咸街60號)

ENTRANCE 入場費HK$80 (including one drink)HK$80 (包括一杯飲品)CAPACITY 參加限額350 pax, tickets sold at the door (RSVP not required)350人,門票於現場發售 (毋須預先報名)

Shai Levy (Seventy Eight Percent)
David Ericsson (VOID International Limited)
Alexis Kwong (Amuse Entertainment & Marketing)
Adrian Wong (Embassy Projects HK)
Lavrans Laading (Product Designer)
Lio Beardsley (Illustrator)
Henry Chu (pill & pillow)
Yeung Yang (Soundpocket)
Topaz Leung (AOMM Creative Limited)

Enquiries 查詢:Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design 香港設計大使Tel: +852 27396883 / 27396889Email:

16 September, 2009

Herve Leger F/W 2009/2010

Two dresses one girl, wow, limp uncooked chorizo in one, fierce androgyny in the next.

Not sure why Max Azria chose ghoulish looking models for his gorgeous threads this time round...

How do you feel today? FUCKING AWESOME

Mouthpuss T available at Reserve.

14 September, 2009

Bunny and Spy // RaRa Bonnie and Clyde

Bunny : "oh those daba girls!"
Spy : "I know, blasphemy!"


Bunny : "oh that's such a bare minimum to ask of a guy!"
Spy : "I know, let's get champagne!"

Jimmy Choo available @

This bag is testatment that Jimmy Choo is a Chinese businessman. This bag is targeted at well-off Aunties, who would love to give their best friend's daughter or god-daughter or niece or Bryanboy a graduation gift, but since they tote around dignified, old-school purses, they are hunting for an "edgy" bag. Enter the Jimmy Choo Large Odetta ponyskin bag.

"Auntie" thought process : Jimmy Choo = reputable, design = something I wouldn't buy so kids must like it!, research before purchase = net-a-porter calls it "inimitable chic"; DONE!

Kudos to Jimmy for making something previously only available at GUESS?, bebe and Babyphat readily displayed at net-a-porter.

Dear net-a-porter editor/buyer, I'd like to believe that this bag was pushed onto you en bulk by the fashion house, together with the rest of the collection for you to sell… Otherwise, you're like a fine restaurant with no freshly grated Parmasean, but a big tub of Kraft Cheddar cheese - FAIL.


Because we all enjoy stomping around open fields in the finest threads of Chanel and Chloe.

Chanel F/W 2009 ad campaign

Chloe F/W 2009 ad campaign

10 September, 2009


When the draft chases skirts in the hallway
I'd know who to turn to for advise
My chest of knowledge,
Always seems to know what's best.

Ah, the chest, the chest, the chest!
So many names, and such purposeful functions;
So little light, and so much banter.

'Ladies first' is so last season,
Because The Chest leaves the elevator first.
Loyal and soft spoken,
The chest follows you whichever way you turn.

You have yours and I have mine,
Internationally appreciated in all shapes and sizes.
Let us not forget,
The very important message it sets :
Do not belitte The Chest
The Chest always knows what's best.

- Bunny Chandra

08 September, 2009

After my weekend bender, it's good to stumble upon something that smells like an orange & mango smoothie, it also reminds me of the potpurri smell that has rubbed off on your fingers... it's so pleasant!

04 September, 2009

Muscles - I want to stalk you in Melbourne

What an exciting day! I feel skinny, my friend's visiting and I found out about an amazing artist earlier this week and I've got the DL! D'you know about Muscles?

I was trying to discover more about Muscles and here's the rundown :
Muscles is an electronica music man
Muscles hails from Melbourne, Australia
Muscles' Guns Babes Lemonade album rocks my mornings

I love his upbeat electronica sound. Imagine Gnarls Barkley's catchy hook meets Gorillaz warbly sing-song + TV On The Radio's melodies. His songs are shouting songs, a lot of oomph for the gym, driving on an open freeway in California or when you're making soup.

Here's Ice Cream - not the official video but such a lovely song for when you wake up to a drizzly morning with some sunshine.

Get familiar and have a nice weekend!

03 September, 2009


On a mean streak perhaps? But I'll have to change the slogan to, "one dress, endless regrets of purchase".
It's looking acceptable because the model has a fantastic figure for, well, modelling clothes. Now, imagine a girl with some curves, who doesn't strike a "leg lift with delight" pose every other step. The possiblity of looking like a hungry rabbit, entrapped in a leopard mucus film is very high.
I still love you DVF.

Stacy Haiduk @ Daytime Emmy Awards 2009

This is not cute, not funny, and I won't even go into the "Who is she wearing?" realm. What is it with cats and bags being so easy to hate on?
First of all, if you're going for the theatrical effect, get a real costume, a la Katy Perry or Bjork at Cannes in her swan ensemble. Grow a pair, go big or go home, don't do a half-a$$ed job. Makes you look OLD.
Secondly, it gives the impression that you had asked for mink, but your stylist embezzeled the money and gave you cat instead.
Third, it's aesthetically unpleasant, it hurts my eyes. I think my contact lens just cut up my cornea.
Last but not least, someone needs to be reprimanded. This is very unbecoming for the red carpet!

02 September, 2009

E-LABEL - I just passed out and woke up

D'you know on nights out, either my four-year-old black shorts, or leggings are my uniform?

E-LABEL has to be one of the most exciting news this week. Been rather burnt out at work... so when I discovered this I keeled over, saw my Godesses, and woke up recharged and inspired.

Their "bottoms" are insane. Please check them out, stay fresh!

01 September, 2009