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23 September, 2009

Bottega Veneta NYCabat bag

I'm not even going to be nice and let you know where to buy it because no, don't buy it. There is no reason to buy something that you can get at a night market or a roadside vendor. You know, those vendors that sell stuff on a cart and have a huge piece of canvas to cover their goods and "tuk tuk tuk" away when the cops come?

This bag really looks like Jose peeled off the skin of a pineapple and said jokingly, "Eh gringo, this look nice if make a bolsa, no?" And El Gringo nodded in enthusiasm and designed it and sold it for one million dollars.

What is wrong with you Bottega design team? I mean just coz you make it shiny doesn't make it any less ugly you know? It's like what I do with my zit, just because I put some more cover-up doesn't mean it's gnarly ass isn't there anymore.

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