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14 September, 2009

Jimmy Choo available @

This bag is testatment that Jimmy Choo is a Chinese businessman. This bag is targeted at well-off Aunties, who would love to give their best friend's daughter or god-daughter or niece or Bryanboy a graduation gift, but since they tote around dignified, old-school purses, they are hunting for an "edgy" bag. Enter the Jimmy Choo Large Odetta ponyskin bag.

"Auntie" thought process : Jimmy Choo = reputable, design = something I wouldn't buy so kids must like it!, research before purchase = net-a-porter calls it "inimitable chic"; DONE!

Kudos to Jimmy for making something previously only available at GUESS?, bebe and Babyphat readily displayed at net-a-porter.

Dear net-a-porter editor/buyer, I'd like to believe that this bag was pushed onto you en bulk by the fashion house, together with the rest of the collection for you to sell… Otherwise, you're like a fine restaurant with no freshly grated Parmasean, but a big tub of Kraft Cheddar cheese - FAIL.

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