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03 September, 2009

Stacy Haiduk @ Daytime Emmy Awards 2009

This is not cute, not funny, and I won't even go into the "Who is she wearing?" realm. What is it with cats and bags being so easy to hate on?
First of all, if you're going for the theatrical effect, get a real costume, a la Katy Perry or Bjork at Cannes in her swan ensemble. Grow a pair, go big or go home, don't do a half-a$$ed job. Makes you look OLD.
Secondly, it gives the impression that you had asked for mink, but your stylist embezzeled the money and gave you cat instead.
Third, it's aesthetically unpleasant, it hurts my eyes. I think my contact lens just cut up my cornea.
Last but not least, someone needs to be reprimanded. This is very unbecoming for the red carpet!

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