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12 August, 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs - cat leather shoulder bag available @

What a terrifying bag! I feel so sorry for the missie who got conned into buying it at full price! I like the shape of the bag and the petal detailing on the flap; so stop right there already! Ok, ok, I see what the golden boy is trying to do with the kawaii touch but for one million dollars?! (Kidding, you can terrify people with this bag for a mere £300)

I can appreciate it on a patchwork quilt or your jammies, but the cat is so unfortunate looking! It's a BLAG, a very BLAH BAG. D'you know you can possibly make something like that yourself?

1) Go to the Salvation Army or a consignment store, get a bag that you think your detention teacher (there's always ONE that likes taking detention duties!) would lug around

2) Draw the outline of a cat on a piece of rice paper

3) Dust off some old shoes, dig out that shiny top that you will never again, in your lifetime, ever wear

4) Cut everything up into little patches while thinking of how fat your exes have gotten

5) Reasonably super glue or sew bits together according to your freehand cat outline, using it as a puzzle border

6) Super glue or sew it onto the bag

7) Tell people it's a special DIY edition

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