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06 August, 2009

Biryani - doggie bag lunch tomorrow

Biryani is so awesome. D'you know - I can't bake cakes or pies or even manage hard boiled eggs. Heartburn inducing meals however, are absolutely my forte.

I'd like to share with you what I had used -
*Half a packet of vegetable/tomato soup (the kind in cardboard box)
*2 tomatoes
*1 big wild mushroom (diced)
*1 small pack of pine nuts
*1 small pack of cashews
*1 small pack of sultana raisins 1 small pack of dried cranberries
*1 potato (thinly sliced)
*Some carrots (one thumb's worth, julienned)
*Cilantro + mint (a spoonful of each, finely chopped)
*Half white onion (sliced)
*Whole purple onion (cut in four)
*4 cloves of garlic, a bit of ginger
*300g minced beef (marinated with sugar and curry powder)

I fried the onions (white) + garlic with "Chinese five spice powder" and "I can't believe it's not butter" brand margarine; then I added the mushrooms with a dash of white wine. White wine is to deglaze plus add texture to the veggies. Then the nuts and ginger, together with the potatoes and carrots. I only added the beef last, together with the purple onion, cilantro + mint and tomatoes. I drizzle soup into this fiesta whenever it looks a bit dry and/or spoonfuls of margarine. Meanwhile, I used 3.5 cups of rice and mixed it with biryani powder, and had it going in the rice cooker. Then I toss the rice into the wok with the rest of the ingredients. Mix and have it sit for a while. This serves 6.

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