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07 August, 2009

Fiona Paxton available @

D'you know, first time I saw Ms. Paxton's work was back in Jan '09. Drew Barrymore was featured in under the "You Asked, We Found" section. Actually emailed my roomie from college and discussed the cons-only of the necklace.

CONs :

- may elicit a WTF if you wear it to work even if paired with an all black ensemble because it's quite a statement piece (a pro in itself)

- may incite a WTF if you wear it out and about because it could come across as an arrogant handicraft piece forcefully laying on your neck

Website such as has also featured Drew Barrymore in this get up. I thought that I'd wait a bit before checking-in on Ms. Paxton again. Went to the website and I am so very delighted that there have been some gorgeous pieces!

Quite confident now, that these necklaces are, indeed, the most gleaming and honest, chunky necklace I've come across in a very long time! Do visit and feast your eyes. I'm gunning for the Sylvie.

PS - the Sylvie costs USD288 at, same price at and the most expensive at, which goes for USD300

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