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11 August, 2009

Free flowing wine every Mon @ The Press Room

D'you know, I've shamelessly dined here 2 nights in a row, bringing different dates (MY BAD!)? It's easy to fall in love with The Press Room - cozy wood, refined ambience whic is easy-going enough for you to have a hearty laugh.

Highly applaud the Press Room Burger (available lunch times and Mon nights in the form of a Wagyu variation). Onion Soup is so laden with cheese, it really deserves your money! When I get unsatisfying soup servings (i.e. too runny, too bland, too much salt, too goopy…) at restaurants, I want to personally confront the chef, true story. Quite unlikely, you'd say, after that rant, but the Caesar with anchovies is quite pleasant. They really understood that a salad needs to build upon the crisp taste of the veggie, the smoky taste of cheese, creaminess of the dressing to gel everything together and the zesty kick of anchovies. A restaurant should really nail their appetizers and I've tried most which are delightful; this is so terrible of me, but a DISAPPOINTING dish is the unimpressive, nothing to write home about Steak Tartare. I cannot elaborate further on the Steak Tartare because it's just boring.

More on the boo-boos. Service sometimes get tardy. Food portions could use some supersizing and they forget to sweep the crumbs off the leather seats.
Monday nights, meanwhile, I promise, are great fun at The Press Room. Free flowing reds and whites are generously topped up throughout the meal and you can expect selections from the likes of Rhone Valley. The Press Room, is afterall, my favourite go-to restaurant, so it won't be hard to spot my friends and I having a merry there!

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