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23 August, 2009

L.A.M.B. vs. Babyphat

Dear Kimora,

I've posted before that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Film, photography, even speeches, can curiously mimic each other. It is only through challenging each other creatively though, that mutual appreciation is established.

Thoughtfulness, in my opinion, is very important in each creation. I like how Victoria Beckham's line echoes Roland Mourant's and sometimes, reminds me of the olden-day YSL. I can see her intention and thought.

Recently, I've also become a huge fan of purses that borrow loosely from the classic Chanel 2.55 skeleton. There's the Chloe Sally (this season, Sally has transformed into the endearing Elise), the Fendi two-toned baguette, and the endless selection from Zara. They all took the classic chain and flap bag, and made it their own.

I saw these yesterday in the Harper's Bazaar, September 2009 issue.

Kimora, I am quite disappointed. I sincerely did not expect you to let this fly under the radar. Right under your nose.

D'you know these came out last year already? I mean those black peep-toe booties were introduced to the world by L.A.M.B. - Camden Scallop Open Toe Booties to be exact! I can see why you'd like to borrow the petal design because of it's beautiful texture and versatility. But really now. Your design team couldn't have had repackaged it? Maybe in bronze? Maybe in patent black leather? How about suede with a few studs, very Alexander Wang ya?

I think somebody needs to take responsibility for this, Kimora. These are mine for your perusal. Do something. This is no longer "imitation" in my context anymore, it is blatant reproduction.

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