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15 August, 2009

University of San Diego - Emitte Spiritum Tuum

D'you know, every single time my mind is cluttered, I quiet myself down by thinking about the peacful beauty of my alma mater, the University of San Diego. It sits prettily atop a hill and I remember taking afternoon naps between classes on the pristine lawn, overlooking the pacific ocean, true story.

USD is the place where I cultivated an intense love for South American music, Mexican food, ethnically ambiguous friends, Afghan cuisine, Mexican beer, UNAFRAID stand-up comedians, BFFs, orange chicken, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, La Jolla, horchata, The Family Guy, Robot Chicken, flip-flops, SUNSHINE with a side of breeze, Balboa Park, Anchorman, scandal, downtown, San Diego Restaurant Week, SUVs, chill sessions, kick-back sessoins, after-school sessions, before-school sessions, let's-not-go-to-class sessions, HEARTY LAUGHTER, house parties, beer pong, In-N-Out, Blockbuster, the REAL Krispy Kreme, fast food, organic food, Costco, Longs, coyotes and raccoons.

Skills I've learnt from my time there are rumour damage control, dating, being single, COOKING, picking up after myself and others and allowing others to do the same for me, SHARING, driving, creating a buzz, secretly learning Spanish whenever the guys are commenting on la minas rica or ordering a taco con salsa verde gracias, playing hostess, forgiving but not forgetting, LAUGHING HEARTILY, negotiating, moving on, salsa dancing, wine appreciation, boring people appreciation, spinning the subject matter for the purpose of writing a paper or comforting a friend, spying, adaptation, curiosity, how to lose a guy in ten days and not lose myself, being responsible, enjoying irresponsibility, how to spot a gold digger, how to spot a rich man, hair curling, rule of thirds.

Things I love and things I've learnt, ultimately, weld into this massive jungle gym that has since shaped my spirit and the way I constantly seek myself out.

USD's school motto is Emitte Spiritum Tuum - Send Forth Thy Spirit. I take ownership of my spirit and I will send it to the moon and back if I want.

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