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04 September, 2009

Muscles - I want to stalk you in Melbourne

What an exciting day! I feel skinny, my friend's visiting and I found out about an amazing artist earlier this week and I've got the DL! D'you know about Muscles?

I was trying to discover more about Muscles and here's the rundown :
Muscles is an electronica music man
Muscles hails from Melbourne, Australia
Muscles' Guns Babes Lemonade album rocks my mornings

I love his upbeat electronica sound. Imagine Gnarls Barkley's catchy hook meets Gorillaz warbly sing-song + TV On The Radio's melodies. His songs are shouting songs, a lot of oomph for the gym, driving on an open freeway in California or when you're making soup.

Here's Ice Cream - not the official video but such a lovely song for when you wake up to a drizzly morning with some sunshine.

Get familiar and have a nice weekend!

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