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06 November, 2009

Beyonce @ MTV Europe Music Awards 2009

It's nice, Atelier Versace sweetly wrapped around her curves, but I'm getting tired of THIS :



I see it's her thang to have bold metallics, body-con stuff. Seriously though, she looks like she's trying to reign by combining Lady Gaga and Rhianna. It's all peaceful and good because she's in show business - until you realise it's the same drone over and over and over and over... just like how even though she's not part of Destiny's Child anymore, she still has 2 girls accompanying her dance routines...

1 comment:

Eyespy said...

one word. predictable.
but I must admit the Atelier Versace dress is to die for. Fell for it when January Jones wore a subdued version of it first.