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13 October, 2009

Belgrade Fashion Week // Marko Mitanovski

D'you know when I was younger I used to romanticse and imagine that my grandparents come from faraway lands, with mystical jewels and speak languages that sound like a mix between Arabic and Mongolian? Lo and behold, dad told me my grandpa's grandpa is from Uzbekistan. No joke.

Point is, I was feeling a little unsettled about the focus (that I have been giving) on major fashion shows - London, Paris, Milan... BORING! So search engine at full throttle, I stumbled upon the Belgrade Fashion Week. Wow, jackpot, foreign, fresh and funky!

After which, I did the browsing round. Stunner, interesting... wait, is that... MARKO MITANOVSKI? The guy that I remember was part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout's show during London Fashion Week?

I am excited. B-b-b-bang!

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