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22 October, 2009

Herve Leger S/S 2010

Ok, Max Azria, we all sorta kinda know that Herve Leger was taken over in 1999. BCBG bought the name, owned it, but fired Herve Leger. Quite a backhanded deal Max, don't you think?

Herve, the maestro himself, has meanwhile opened up an atelier store Herve L. Leroux in Paris.

Now, ghoulish models aside, your last collection was quite chichi. Definitely gave the collection a few oohs and ahhs. Your S/S 2010 collection? Lacking. Can tell you're trying to move away from the chunkiness and OTT glamour of Fall but come on!
This looks like a dress designed for Balmain, but does not fit the story so the designer packed it up and offered it to you instead, in salmon.
This one is very boring.
This one is relatively nicer, I'd wear it, but I don't think I'd stun people into a, "Wow, what a nice Herve Leger piece!". Perhaps more of a, "Nice body-con dress," murmur.

Go big or go home, if you're going to use his name, live up to it.

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